November 3, 2015

Wooster Daily Record: Rover Pipeline A Win For All Of Ohio

Joe Savarise, Executive Director of the Ohio Hotel and Lodging Association and member of the Coalition for the Expansion of Pipeline Infrastructure published a letter to the editor in the Wooster Daily Record last week. In the piece, Savarise pointed to the clear path the Rover Pipeline offers in Ohio’s quest for more affordable energy.

Savarise notes, “The Rover Pipeline could make a big difference in family budgets. Ohio has the 10th-highest residential natural gas prices in the nation, federal Energy Information Agency data show. To bring those prices down, we need to increase the supply of natural gas.”

Furthermore, Savarise says that, “Increasing Ohio’s supply of natural gas will help lower energy prices and provide the state with a stable, steady source of domestic energy. That will put our economy on better footing, which improves the economic outlook for everyone.”

With the necessary energy infrastructure, it is clear that Ohio has opportunity to expand access to clean, affordable natural gas.

We invite you to read the entire letter here.