Who We Are

The Coalition for the Expansion of Pipeline Infrastructure (CEPI) is a diverse partnership of businesses, trade associations and labor groups that collectively support the responsible expansion of critical energy infrastructure across Michigan, Ohio, and West Virginia. Pipelines are the safest, most efficient way of transporting our energy resources to critical markets across the region and the nation. Investing in pipeline infrastructure now will ensure that access to affordable, clean-burning natural gas to heat our homes and power our businesses is available for generations to come.

Pipeline projects also generate substantial economic benefits for our local communities, including tens of thousands of well-paying local construction jobs and millions in annual tax revenues. In addition, thousands of jobs are supported throughout the supply chain—jobs for the manufactures that make the steel pipe and many other components required for a major infrastructure project. These are jobs created in our region, for our workers, that will benefit our communities in the long term.

As a coalition, we are focused on educating our communities on the real and tangible benefits that will come from embracing safe and reliable pipeline infrastructure development.

Our members include:

  • Laborers District Council of Ohio
  • Land Improvement Contractors Association – Michigan
  • Michigan Chemistry Council
  • Michigan Forest Products Council
  • Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association
  • Michigan Laborers’ District Council
  • Michigan Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET)
  • Michigan Oil and Gas Association
  • Michigan State Grange
  • Ohio Association of Convenience Stores
  • Ohio Chamber of Commerce
  • Ohio Chemistry Technology Council
  • Ohio Grocers Association
  • Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association
  • Ohio Manufacturers Association
  • Ohio Oil and Gas Association
  • Ohio State Grange
  • Operating Engineers Local 18 (Ohio)
  • Operating Engineers Local 132 (West Virginia)
  • Pipeliners Local 798
  • United Association
  • West Virginia Laborers’ District Council
  • West Virginia Manufacturers Association
  • West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association
  • West Virginia Roundtable