November 7, 2016

West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association Joins CEPI

The Coalition for the Expansion of Pipeline Infrastructure is excited to announce that the West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association (WVONGA) as its newest member.  According to the organization’s website:

The West Virginia Oil & Natural Gas Association, chartered in 1915, serves the entire oil and natural gas industry, to include organizations involved in construction, environmental services, drilling, completion, gathering, transporting, distribution and processing.

Members have cumulative investment of nearly ten billion dollars in West Virginia, account for 80% of the state’s oil and natural gas production, operate more than 20,000 miles of pipeline across the state and provide product to more than 300,000 West Virginia homes and businesses.

WVONGA ranks as the third group from West Virginia to join CEPI, serving as yet another indication of the growing support for Rover Pipeline and the responsible development of midstream natural gas infrastructure. CEPI looks forward to joining its members in educating the public on the many benefits that pipeline construction and access to natural gas create for the region.