May 9, 2017

Video: Pipeline Industry Leader Explains Horizontal Directional Drilling

Given recent media coverage of the Rover Pipeline and its inadvertent release of drilling mud in Ohio, the Coalition for the Expansion of Pipeline Infrastructure wanted to take the opportunity to educate the public on Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), the process used by Rover to install sections of pipe.

HDD is a trenchless method of installing underground pipelines. The technique is used to install pipelines underneath waterways, wetlands, culturally sensitive areas, congested neighborhoods and roads. HDD minimizes surface and environmental impacts during construction.

The method commonly results in the release of “drilling mud” on the surface, which rises through pre-existing cracks in the soil. This mud is a mixture of water and bentonite, a naturally-occurring, nontoxic clay found in countless household products. The release will not adversely impact water quality or the environment in Ohio.

Michels Corporation is an industry-leading contractor with decades of experience in installing pipelines, including HDD. The company compiled a video to illustrate the HDD process.

Watch the full video here: