September 13, 2016

U.S. Sen Shelly Moore Capito Discusses Benefits of Natural Gas and Infrastructure

The Wheeling Intelligencer recently published an opinion editorial by U.S. Sen Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV) in which she expounds upon the enormous amount of promise that the Marcellus shale formation – and subsequent natural gas development – holds for the state of West Virginia. Sen. Capito encourages the responsible development of natural gas and calls on the necessary infrastructure to support it:

West Virginia is in a prime position to be a major player in this production boom.

Located in the heart of the Marcellus shale region, we have the right location, resources and workers necessary to continue powering the nation with affordable, reliable energy. We can do this not only through natural gas development, but also by advancing carbon capture and storage technologies that can ensure coal remains part of the nation’s energy portfolio.

The only thing standing in our way is a woeful lack of infrastructure and a blanket of overreaching regulations.

Sen. Capito goes on to discuss the many industries that will benefit from access to natural gas:

West Virginia has a robust chemistry sector that accounts for nearly 40 percent of our state’s manufacturing jobs. Ethane from natural gas serves as a feedstock for many chemical companies, so an ethane storage hub in the region would mean more companies choosing to operate in West Virginia. As of April of this year, there have been over 250 new industry projects nationally because of the shale gas boom. Imagine if this potential was unleashed in West Virginia.

The Coalition for the Expansion of Pipeline Infrastructure applauds Sen. Capito for voicing her support for the development of our region’s resources and energy infrastructure. Projects like the Rover Pipeline can play a huge role in achieving the goals that Sen. Capito sets forth. As such, CEPI encourages the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to proceed with a timely review of Rover.