February 15, 2016

Affordable Energy Key to Manufacturing Success, Future Growth

Made in America. Those three powerful words represent the foundation of a resurgent manufacturing industry that’s creating growth and opportunity in communities across the nation. America’s manufactures depend on access to affordable energy immune from the often unpredictable nature of world markets. Today, thanks to surging domestic oil and gas production, we now have the […]

February 12, 2016

Natural Gas Fuels Economic Turnaround in Monroe County

Monroe County faced an uncertain future in 2013 following the bankruptcy and closure of the Ormet aluminum smelting plant that cost nearly 1,000 jobs and devastated the local economy. Ormet had for years been the economic backbone of this small Appalachian community and local tax revenues and economic activity quickly shrunk in its absence. Today, […]

February 7, 2016

Natural Gas in “Striking Distance” of Being Largest Source of U.S. Power

Natural gas could soon become the largest source of energy in the U.S. according to new data released in the 2016 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook—a report produced for the Business Council for Sustainable Energy by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. “Natural gas is now within striking distance of being the largest source of US power, […]