December 28, 2017

Strong Pipeline Infrastructure Makes a Strong America

From the advent of the natural gas revolution, America has continued to grow and expand our energy infrastructure in order to best harness the natural resources right below our feet. It’s an incredible gift that we’ve found, one that’s been able to help thousands of people find work and improve their lives. Expanding our pipeline infrastructure brings these gains to even more people.

Thousands and thousands of people all across the country have benefited from natural gas, and thousands more will continue to reap those rewards as long as we maintain our current commitment levels. Importantly, though, the benefits of pipeline infrastructure are far reaching:

“The benefits of the petroleum industry are widespread, and those of pipeline infrastructure go beyond the job counts of pipelines and refineries. Efficient infrastructure stabilizes American energy production, making it more competitive to foreign producers and lowering the end-user cost of petroleum products. That infrastructure lowers costs at the pump, for the products that utilize petroleum – almost anything painted, stained or made of plastic – and encourages job growth in energy intense industries.”