January 8, 2016

Seven New Groups Join the Coalition for the Expansion of Pipeline Infrastructure

Pipeline Infrastructure

The Coalition for the Expansion of Pipeline Infrastructure is excited to announce that seven groups have added their voices to the growing chorus of support for the responsible construction of natural gas pipelines. Below is a list of CEPI’s newest members:

  • Michigan Oil and Gas Association
  • Michigan State Grange
  • Ohio Association of Convenience Stores
  • Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
  • Ohio Grocers Association
  • Ohio Oil and Gas Association
  • West Virginia Manufacturers Association

This diverse assembly of organizations represents a variety of regions and interests – from retail to manufacturing and the oil and gas industry – and demonstrates the widespread support for the construction of natural gas pipeline infrastructure. CEPI welcomes its first member from the state of West Virginia, in yet another demonstration of this extensive support. Rebecca McPhail, President of the West Virginia Manufacturers Association, on her organization’s joining CEPI:

“We are proud to join the Coalition for the Expansion of Pipeline Infrastructure because we believe that our members stand to benefit enormously from both the construction and long-term operation of new, natural gas pipeline infrastructure. Pipeline construction has benefits throughout the manufacturing supply chain – be it sourcing steel, building compressor stations, or valves.  But they also benefit manufacturers over the long-term by providing access to a valuable raw input, natural gas, which helps give West Virginia and all American manufacturers a powerful competitive advantage.”

CEPI commends these groups for endorsing a cause that stands to benefit laborers, businesses, and consumers. From the creation of construction jobs to access to affordable, abundant domestic energy, natural gas pipeline construction presents an array of positive impacts for the entire region. The Coalition urges a timely review of these projects and looks forward to garnering further support.