February 7, 2018

Rover Resumes Work Under Tuscarawas River

With 99 percent of the project complete, and one mainline already in use, we can see the finish line for the Rover Pipeline. Despite this, FERC had still delayed the project’s progress, halting drilling beneath the Tuscarawas River – until this past Tuesday. As Shane Hoover writes for The Massillon Independent,

“The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission gave Rover the go-ahead Tuesday, almost two weeks after ordering the company to stop boring and submit additional information on how it planned to control drilling fluid loss as it crossed the river with a second mainline.

Rover told FERC it would sample water from nearby residential wells and monitoring wells before, during and after boring to confirm they haven’t been contaminated by clay-based drilling fluid.”

With this important step, Rover nears ever closer to full completion and operation, providing the Midwest region with much needed additional pipeline capacity. We’re thrilled to see Rover resume construction, and we hope to see it completely safely, efficiently, and on time.