June 1, 2016

Rover Pipeline Will Relieve Lingering Effects of Great Recession

Recently, Dan Minton, secretary-treasurer of Ann Arbor-based Laborers Local 499, published a letter to the editor in the Adrian Daily Telegram discussing the important benefits of the Rover Pipeline project. In the letter, “Support Construction of the Rover Pipeline Project,” Minton notes stresses the positive impact the project will have on the region:

There is no question that construction of the Rover Pipeline will be good for Michigan and our local communities, as well as our region as a whole. The pipeline is estimated to bring 10,000 jobs and invest $4.3 billion in our region. It will support a significant number of other jobs across the United States as well, as many of the pipeline’s components will be built right here in America. Our region will also continue to see economic benefits even after construction via badly needed tax revenues to states and local communities, reliable and affordable energy to our citizens and businesses.

Furthermore, Minton reflects on the lingering effects of the Great Recession still remnant in many Michigan communities.

The positive economic impact of all this is hard to overstate, especially in states like Michigan that were hit particularly hard by the Great Recession. Given the positive economic impact and energy security implications of the project, we see no reason to delay any longer. FERC should give their approval to this project as soon as possible, so Michigan construction workers can get to work and better support the families and communities that depend on them.

We invite you to read Minton’s full letter in the Adrian Daily Telegram here.