September 14, 2017

Rover Payments Helping Preserve Ohio’s History

Payments made from the Rover Pipeline to Ohio’s State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) have begun to fund important preservation projects throughout the state geared towards maintaining and sharing the history of Ohio. Seneca County, for example, received $50,000 from the SPHO fund, and announced that they’ll be allocating:

$5,000 to the West Lodi Church project, to replace the roof; $800 to the Scipio-Republic Area Historical Society for display cases for historical artifacts; $5,000 to the Fostoria Rail Preservation Society for new signage; and $16,200 to several entities to work on mapping historical landmarks and creating videos to document county history.

These projects range from maintaining historic sites that simply need an increase in their funding, to certain townships that are using funds to repair their courthouse. One project, as reported by The Advertiser Tribune in Tiffin, OH, will be, “mapping historic properties and historic locations as well as creating walking, biking and driving trails to those locations,” which will be “funded with a $7,900 grant from the Ohio History Connection Community Historic Preservation Fund.”

CEPI is glad to see these funds going to good use. Ensuring that important historical sites have the proper upkeep and maintenance is extremely important. This only the beginning, though, and we’re excited to see additional projects come to fruition across the great state of Ohio.