November 29, 2017

Rover Donates $10,000 in 18 Ohio Counties

While the economic benefits of the Rover Pipeline have been well documented, both in terms of impact on local communities and job creation all along the 713-mile long construction route, what’s easy to overlook are the additional benefits that the company chooses to bring to agencies and townships all on their own.

The Rover Pipeline recently donated money to first responders in 18 counties in Ohio, giving each county $10,000 dollars to improve their emergency services. As WTOL 11 writes:

“Rover Pipeline said the money is offered in goodwill, and can be used to purchase new equipment, perform additional training or be used for any needs that benefit the first responders in each county.”

CEPI is thrilled to see the commitment that Rover Pipeline continues to display for improving communities as much as they can. Whether it be through job creation and economy stimulation, or donating money to improve services, Rover sets a solid example for how we should expand our energy infrastructure moving forward.