January 23, 2018

Pipeline Developer Donating $5 Million For Wetland Conservation

The economic benefits of pipeline infrastructure are widespread and plenty, as we’ve written about in the past. With huge economic boosts and thousands of jobs created, it’s easy to assume the benefits from expanding this part of our infrastructure end there, when in reality they go much further. Companies developing pipelines consistently show their commitment to bettering communities along construction routes with charitable contributions.

Ducks Unlimited recently announced that ETP would be donating $5 million in support of wetland conservation efforts in both Ohio and Louisiana, where they have ongoing pipeline projects. This comes on top of the $270,000 that Rover Pipeline – an ETP project – is donating to emergency responders in Ohio and West Virginia.

As Ducks Unlimited stated in a press release on the charitable donation:

“[Ducks Unlimited] and ETP developed this program because of a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and ETP’s focus on giving back to the communities across the country in which its employees live and work. For ETP, the opportunity to help facilitate wetland restoration efforts in Ohio and Louisiana that will not only benefit waterfowl and wildlife, but also those who depend on these areas for their livelihoods was key to solidifying their participation.”