September 18, 2016

Operating Engineers Member Voices Support for Rover Pipeline

In the latest display of support for the Rover Pipeline, The Sun Times News published a letter to the editor from Russell Smith of the Operating Engineers, in which he voices his backing for the project. As he writes:

The Operating Engineers play an integral role in the construction of Michigan’s infrastructure. From highways, roads and bridges to water, sewers and utilities, our members have the skills, the training and the craftsmanship that has built and maintained the very infrastructure that keeps our state running.

As a leader of the Operating Engineers with many members living in this area, I can speak to the thousands of good-paying, local jobs the Rover Natural Gas Pipeline project will create. I encourage our state and federal regulators to allow this project to move forward without further delay.

Mr. Smith goes on to describe some of the many economic benefits stemming from the Rover Pipeline:

The indirect impact of all that building activity will be massive, including increased employment, taxes paid, hotel occupancy, retail, and demand for other goods and services. The benefits don’t end after construction. By moving more than 3.25 billion cubic feet of domestically-produced natural gas per day, the Rover pipeline will also ensure that Michigan businesses and manufacturers have access to low-cost natural gas, which will further bolster our state’s industries and draw more jobs back to our communities.

The Coalition for the Expansion of Pipeline Infrastructure applauds Mr. Smith for advocating for the Rover Pipeline and his fellow Operating Engineers members. Further, we echo his calls for an expedient review of the project, which stands to generate so many positive effects in the region.