December 6, 2017

Oil Price: 54 Things You Didn’t Know About Natural Gas

While natural gas, and natural gas pipelines, immediately call to mind heating, cooking, and transportation, in reality natural gas permeates through a wide range of areas of society. As Oil Price notes:

“Like oil, natural gas is a prolific fossil fuel with many uses, however I feel that it floats unnoticed under the radar, particularly because it is so much easier to carpet bomb oil and coal into submission (as opposed to cute and cuddly natural gas) in the great anti-fossil fuel war of attrition.”

Oil Price goes on to list out 54 ways that natural gas impacts our everyday life, from the U.S. producing 77 billion cubic feet of gas per day to the near 3 million miles of natural gas distribution and transmission pipelines in North America – enough to go to the moon and back, six times. Click here to read the full list of how important natural gas is to American life.