April 20, 2016

Ohio State Grange President Talks Pipelines on Family Farm

The Coalition for the Expansion of Pipeline Infrastructure (CEPI) recently joined Coalition member Bob White, president of the Ohio State Grange on his family farm to talk about the importance of expanding natural gas infrastructure in the region.

White, a lifelong farmer and resident of Hardin County, has multiple pipeline easements on his property, including several high pressure lines similar to the proposed Rover pipeline. As we walked around the farm White noted that his crop yields have actually increased in the areas where the pipelines run—a fact he attributes to greater soil aeration resulting from the construction process.

Speaking about the Rover pipeline, White said that the company has gone “above and beyond” to work with landowners and accommodate specific needs.

Under White’s leadership, the Ohio State Grange commissioned a study, Natural Gas Pipeline Infrastructure and Its Impact on Michigan and Ohio Agriculture, on the benefits of natural gas and related infrastructure to the agricultural community. The analysis, conducted by Doctors Gary Wolfram and Charles Steele of the Hillsdale Policy Group, concluded that increased access to natural gas resources through expanded infrastructure results in both direct and indirect cost savings.