January 7, 2017

Ohio Chamber of Commerce Voices Support for Rover Pipeline

The Toledo Blade recently published an opinion piece by Zachary Frymier, director of energy and environment for the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. As the leading business advocate in Ohio, the Ohio Chamber represents a number of organizations across a range of industries. Mr. Frymier relates that chief among these issues is the ability to access affordable energy resources through projects such as the Rover Pipeline:

The need to transport energy is one of the most pressing issues facing businesses across Ohio’s economy. The Rover Pipeline stands to address this concern by carrying domestically produced natural gas to regional markets, thereby supplying businesses of all manner with access to an affordable energy resource.

He goes on to discuss the many economic benefits that the Rover Pipeline will create during the construction process:

Overall, the Rover Pipeline alone will invest more than $3.7 billion in the nation’s local and state economies and create more than 10,000 construction jobs, including between 4,500 and 6,500 positions here in Ohio. In turn, these workers will spend their wages on goods and services in communities along the pipeline route, providing local business owners with a true windfall in commerce.

And, according to Frymier, Rover will create an added layer of economic activity for Ohio businesses:

Further, roughly 76 percent of the pipeline’s materials will be manufactured here in the United States, benefitting Ohio manufacturers and further stimulating our state’s economy.

Rover has already granted a $34 million contract to Ohio-based Ariel Corporation for the manufacture of 39 natural gas compressors. And this is just one example of the many contracts to follow.

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is an important voice for the state’s economy. As such, its endorsement of the Rover Pipeline is a clear signal that the project will create a range of lasting positive impacts across many sectors. CEPI applauds the Ohio Chamber for stating its support for Rover, and reiterates Mr. Frymier’s conclusion in “encourage[ing] the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to conclude its review of Rover and approve the project.”