April 7, 2016

New Cumberland Mayor Weighs in on Rover Pipeline

Linda McNeil, Mayor of New Cumberland, West Virginia urged the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to promptly approve the Rover Pipeline project in a letter submitted to the agency. McNeil, who has served as the city’s top elected official since 2013, highlighted Rover’s willingness to accommodate local needs during the routing of the pipeline. She also praised the company for its commitment to environmental impact mitigation.

As one who has always appreciated our wealth of natural resources I am also pleased to hear that the location of the Rover Pipeline route will minimize noise impacts on the wildlife that live in the Paden Island National Refuge on Paden Island. Decisions such as this, along with utilizing the horizontal direction drilling method for crossing the Ohio River, shows me that the Rover Pipeline Project understands its duty to minimize impacts to our regions important natural resources.

McNeil went on to write that she was pleased by the consistent outreach efforts by representatives of the project, noting that they had met personally with the City Council last fall. “We are pleased that the company has expressed dedication to responsible construction of this project and recognize that it is highly regulated by both federal and state government. It will contribute to the much needed energy production of the state,” she said.

new cumberland

Local business and economic development leaders, including James Pritt of the Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia echoed McNeil’s letter earlier this week during a FERC community meeting in Paden City. “Rover will provide a stream of affordable, domestically extracted energy,” Pritt said.