October 9, 2017

Natural Gas Power Plants Help Fund Schools

It’s no secret that pipeline construction brings tremendous benefits to state and local communities. Whether it’s creating thousands of jobs, stimulating local economies, or providing a low cost, reliable fuel source, pipeline infrastructure improves lives. The benefits extend beyond construction though, and utilizing the natural resource that pipelines transport also brings in tremendous amounts of tax revenue as well, which helps fund hospitals, parks, and, notably, schools. One school district in Guernsey County, Ohio will receive more than $42 million from a single new natural gas power plant. As Energy In Depth writes:

“This is just one school district benefiting from a single natural gas power plant project. There are currently 12 natural gas power plant projects in various stages of development in Ohio. So once completed, these projects will not only power more than 10 million households, but also provide millions to local schools and around the state.”

Expanding our pipeline infrastructure to more markets throughout the United States will let power stations like this help fund schools in more and more communities. We need a greater capacity to use our natural resources in order to extend the benefits from coast to coast. CEPI is thrilled to see our schools receiving the funding they deserve, and we hope to see more cases like this one pop up as our pipeline infrastructure brings natural gas to previously underserved markets.