December 29, 2015

Natural Gas Pipeline Build-Out a Big Win for Steelworkers

In a recent opinion piece published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Leo W. Gerard, International President of the United Steelworkers and Bobby McAuliffe, Director of USW District 10, discussed how the expansion of natural gas pipeline infrastructure is redefining what it means to be “Made in America.”

“As the steel industry continues to navigate its way through consolidation and compete against cheap foreign steel imports, the industry has seen new hope with the shale-gas boom, particularly in Pennsylvania. Key to fueling a resurgence in American manufacturing is low-cost, abundant energy, and the natural-gas and oil boom is providing it.”

Energy infrastructure projects like the Rover Pipeline are a boon for steel manufactures across our region and the nation. Constructing the thousands of miles of steel pipe necessary is a huge task that will employ thousands of well-trained and experienced workers.

“In addition to wages that support families, the projects provide critical apprenticeship-training opportunities. And the payroll taxes on those workers will generate tax revenue for communities along the route. Additionally, easy access to an abundant supply of affordable energy will encourage more companies to do business in our region, spurring even more jobs and new economic activity for existing businesses.”

We are witnessing a manufacturing renaissance and it is abundantly clear that expanding and upgrading our natural gas pipeline infrastructure will play a key role in ensuring this resurgence is long-lasting.

We invite you to read complete opinion piece here.