December 8, 2016

NAM Survey: Ohio Voters Display Widespread Support for Energy Infrastructure

Results of the most recent election cycle revealed some deep-seated differences in the views of voters on a range of partisan issues. However, as a series of surveys conducted by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) demonstrates, an overwhelming majority of these same voters all agree on supporting energy infrastructure – and particularly in Ohio.

As NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons relates:

“It’s time to finally make critical investments in our infrastructure that will support domestic energy development … Americans understand that we have the opportunity to allow projects to move forward that will grow our economy and keep manufacturers of all sizes competitive. It’s not hard to see how modernizing our energy and transportation infrastructure will create good-paying American jobs. Voters clearly recognize this and are demanding action from Washington.”

Some key takeaways from survey results in Ohio:

  • Overall, 83% of Ohio voters believe if government and private industry were to invest in infrastructure, it would have a positive impact. This view point holds among key sub-groups:
    • 84% of Republicans and 83% of Democrats believe it will have a positive impact.
    • 85% of self-identifi­ed environmentalists believe it will have a positive impact.
    • 77% of union members and 85% of non-union members believe it will have a positive impact.
  • Further, the consensus view of voters in Ohio (86%) is to support increasing our investment in our energy infrastructure, and 59% strongly support increasing our investment.
    • No less than 81% of voters from any region in Ohio support increasing our investment in energy infrastructure.
    • Better than eight-in-ten (83%) Clinton voters and 89% of Trump voters support increasing our investment in energy infrastructure.
  • The overwhelming view of Ohio voters (84%) is to support increasing energy development in the U.S. This compares with just a scant handful (9%) who oppose increasing energy development.
    • Support for increasing energy development is consistent throughout the state, never falling below 73% in any region in Ohio.
    • Support transcends political party as well in that 87% of Republicans and 82% of Democrats support an increase in energy development. Fully 83% of Clinton voters and 87% of Trump voters support increasing energy development.

With projects in Ohio like the Rover Pipeline still under federal review, the Coalition for the Expansion of Pipeline Infrastructure is encouraged to see such widespread support for the development of midstream infrastructure pipelines. CEPI hopes that these survey results serve as a clear indicator to regulators that Ohioans view these projects in an overwhelmingly positive light – and uphold the will of the people through approving the Rover Pipeline.