December 11, 2017

Michigan Chemistry Council Voices Support for Pipeline Infrastructure

As infrastructure expands, and access to energy resources expands along with it, natural gas helps communities all across the Midwest United States. In regions that do not produce much of their own, natural gas pipelines can bring the important resources to towns and cities, lowering heating costs and helping to keep money in the pockets of hard working Americans.

One such example is the state of Michigan and its economy, which relies heavily natural gas. With “the recent news that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the opening of a major section of the Rover Pipeline,” and the “Nexus Pipeline also under construction, this new infrastructure will deliver significant amounts of natural gas” throughout the Midwest, and throughout Michigan, according to a recent Detroit News op-ed by John Dulmes, president of the Michigan Chemistry Council.

And beyond simple access, production continues to grow in the Midwest. With “ample supplies…being produced in our Midwest region…this new infrastructure helps ensure Michigan can access these resources.”

Our energy infrastructure does not only create jobs and boost economies – it also helps those same economies heat their homes, helps families save money, and helps the American workforce. States like Michigan, who do not produce a lot of their own natural gas, need infrastructure projects that provide access to this important resource.