July 20, 2016

UA Local 798 Sets Pipeline Safety Record Straight

The Sun Times in Dexter, Michigan recently published a letter to the editor from Derek Devries, UA Local 798 member. Titling his letter “Pipelines Fuel Our Union’s Future,” Mr. Devries describes the importance of hiring union workers like members of the United Association:

“Our union members work on these pipeline projects and our commitment to our communities, the environment and doing the project the right way is unparalleled. We spend the money and dedicate the resources necessary to train each and every one of our members to build pipeline systems that meet the latest and highest safety standards and address environmental concerns.”

Mr. Devries then goes on to underscore the need for a reasonable discussion of these projects – one grounded in facts rather than the false claims or sensationalist stunts:

“Over the past few months, the safety and necessity of pipelines has dominated discussion in our local communities and newspapers. Much of the talk has been full of fear, misunderstanding, and in some cases, straight out misinformation. What we need is a reasonable debate and an understanding of the real and tangible benefits that will come to all of us from embracing safe and reliable pipeline infrastructure development.”

CEPI applauds Mr. Devries for speaking out against the “misinformation” being spread about pipeline projects. We support a thorough review process that takes into account input from all stakeholders involved in the construction and operation of midstream infrastructure. However, groups seeking to spread misinformation are ultimately counterproductive to the entire process, and detract from actual stakeholders in these projects.