November 10, 2016

IUOE Representative Voices Support for Natural Gas Infrastructure

Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune published a letter to the editor by Michael Bertolone, special representative of IUOE Local 18, in which he expresses his support for the construction of natural gas pipelines. He underscores the training that his organization provides as well as community outreach, writing:

Local 18 provides a state-of-the art training program for their members in state-of-the art facilities, including comprehensive apprenticeship programs, extensive journeyman training, a full and intensive instructor training program, as well as numerous certification programs.

We also work closely with our community leaders to leverage both public and private investments in capital construction projects to create structured career-training opportunities for historically underserved communities, such as women, minorities and veterans.

Workforce development is something we take very seriously. So when vital energy infrastructure and pipeline projects are stymied by bureaucratic approval processes and energy-adverse special interest groups, it hinders our ability to create jobs and prepare the next generation of construction workers for tomorrow.

Mr. Bertolone goes on to articulate the safety of natural gas pipelines:

Natural gas pipelines provide a safe, efficient way to bring a cheaper energy source to consumers, manufacturers and other industries, and can deliver ongoing benefits for years to come — especially as demand for natural gas only continues to grow. We should be looking to seize any and all opportunities to bring new investment and economic opportunities to Ohio.

Today’s pipelines employ the most advanced technology and monitoring systems to make them even safer with 24/7 safety measures and regular pipeline maintenance plans. Our members and our communities welcome these types of safe, well thought-out, private infrastructure investments, and we support these projects wholeheartedly.

Hardworking tradesmen and women like Mr. Bertolone are vital to any infrastructure project, and particularly midstream natural gas construction. The Rover Pipeline will draw from the ranks of IUOE, along with other nationally renowned labor organizations, ensuring that construction occurs safely, with minimal impacts to local communities.