August 28, 2017

Expanding Pipeline Infrastructure Has Widespread Benefits

The United States has seen an unprecedented growth in our energy production in recent years. Primarily from the Marcellus and Utica shales, we continue to produce natural gas at record levels, constantly breaking the previous highs. The issue, though, is that as our production increases we have not kept pace with our pipeline infrastructure. Expanding our pipeline network has widespread, positive effects on communities.

Allowing a greater quantity of our natural resources to get to market will have cascading effects throughout our economy, helping both our energy security and boosting local communities. As construction moves through local towns a number of industries see the benefits – hotels are filled up, restaurants see increased traffic. Pipeline construction has tremendous impacts on local economies and towns, employing thousands of people and helping American families to prosper.

Widening the reach and capacity of our pipeline network will have positive effects for all Americans, with improved national security and lowering heating costs as just two examples. The benefits are clear, and CEPI hopes to see a continued commitment to improving and expanding our pipeline infrastructure, allowing us to transport the greater amounts of natural gas that we continue to produce.