February 24, 2017

Defiance Crescent-News: Rover Pipeline “Is Good For The Economy Of Ohio”

Joining the ongoing displays of support for the Rover Pipeline, the Defiance Crescent-News recently published an opinion piece by the publication’s editorial board. As the piece notes:

Earlier this month, the Federal Enegy Regulatory Commission approved plans for the (Rover) pipeline project that will traverse three local counties (Defiance, Henry and Fulton) and include construction of a new compressor station just north of Defiance. This is a big development for Ohio generally and the northwest corner of our state.

The editorial goes on to highlight the economic benefits that projects like the Rover Pipeline will bring to the state of Ohio:

The construction of the pipelines will create employment and bring investment to our state while the natural gas will increase the supply of a cheaper, cleaner-burning form of energy that takes advantage of our nation’s own natural resources. The FERC decision should bring this to reality fairly quickly as work gets underway.

As the piece concludes:

[W]e feel this project is good for the economy of Ohio — especially its eastern regions — and regional states.

CEPI applauds the Defiance Crescent-News for voicing its support for the Rover Pipeline. As the project nears construction, we look forward to reading more about the many positive impacts that Rover will bring to Ohio and the region at large.