September 16, 2016

Charleston Gazette-Mail Highlights WV Natural Gas Infrastructure Development

An editorial piece published by the Charleston Gazette-Mail expounds upon the many benefits that the construction of natural gas infrastructure bring to the state of West Virginia. Citing the recent announcement of Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co.’s federal approval for $100 million in local expansions, the piece highlights a number of proposed projects in the state, including Energy Transfer, which will contribute investments of more than $16.4 billion:

Overall, pipeline companies Dominion, EQT Midstream, Energy Transfer and Columbia Pipeline Group have filed for at least seven large-diameter pipeline projects, proposing investments of more than $16.4 billion.

The piece goes on to quote the late West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association Executive Director Corky DeMarco:

“Taken together, these projects represent a $5.7 billion investment in construction related spending, 18,000 construction jobs and more than $60 million in property tax revenue to local governments … And with increased access, manufacturers that use large amounts of natural gas are more likely to build in or near the Mountain State, thereby diversifying the state’s economy far beyond just the extraction of minerals.”

As the editorial concludes:

While pipeline expansion projects don’t get the splashy headlines…, the long-term impact will be a big economic boost for West Virginia.

Natural gas infrastructure may not always grab headlines, but it is still an incredibly important issue. Projects like the Rover Pipeline have an incredible economic impact on communities in the pipeline, creating thousands of jobs and providing millions of dollars in investments. Our diverse group of businesses, trade associations and labor groups came together to form the Coalition for the Expansion of Pipeline Infrastructure in order to educate the public and promote the many benefits of natural gas pipelines.