May 30, 2018

Rover Pipeline Requests to Begin Full Service

The Rover Pipeline recently submitted a filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) requesting to begin full service of commercial operations on Thursday, May 31. After years of planning, regulatory review, and construction, this is an incredible milestone for the project, and welcome news for members of the Coalition for the Expansion of Pipeline […]

July 21, 2016

Rover’s Benefits Stretch Farther Than We Can Envision

Carrollton Free Press Standard By Amy Rutledge July 21, 2016 It’s not often that a private project comes along that provides the opportunity to offer employment to thousands of Ohio residents, facilitate our state’s economic recovery and give our manufacturers continued and growing access to affordable, abundant, and clean energy sources. But that is precisely […]

July 11, 2016

Rover Pipeline Will Benefit Ohio Manufacturers and Ohio Residents

Bryan Times — The majority of people might not give much thought to the origin of the many everyday items in their homes and businesses. Further, they probably aren’t aware of the connection between the plastic Tupperware in their kitchens and the fertilizer used in their gardens. Members of the Ohio Manufacturers Association, however, are […]

June 8, 2016

Letter: Pipeline Projects Bring Opportunity, Jobs to Our Communities

Brighton Patch — Drilling in the Marcellus and Utica shales has tapped into large reserves of clean, affordable natural gas, dramatically increasing production over the last five years. This access, in turn, has improved almost every sector of our economy – from chemicals to manufacturing – and lowering energy and heating costs in every one of […]

June 7, 2016

Letter: Michigan Needs Pipeline Projects Like Rover

Brighton Patch —  Michigan has the opportunity to support a project that offers a promising opportunity for landowners, an important boost to our infrastructure, and an investment from a company committed to working with landowners and protecting Michigan’s environment and natural resources. The Michigan Forest Products Council (MFPC) works to promote, protect and sustain Michigan’s vibrant […]

June 1, 2016

Studies Detail Benefits of Natural Gas Access

Michigan Chemistry Council — There has been much written about the importance of natural gas to the members of the Michigan Chemistry Council. Natural gas heats and powers homes, generates electricity, and is even used to create fertilizer, plastics, pharmaceuticals, dyes, and detergents, among a litany of everyday products consumers rely on. There are two recent […]

May 27, 2016

Letter: Support Construction of the Rover Pipeline Project

Adrian Daily Telegram — I’m writing today in support of construction of the Rover Pipeline. As secretary-treasurer of Laborers Local 499, I know first-hand how important big infrastructure jobs are to workers and local communities. The Rover Pipeline will also help with our community’s energy stability and reliability, and our nation’s energy security. It’s time for […]