May 9, 2017

Video: Pipeline Industry Leader Explains Horizontal Directional Drilling

Given recent media coverage of the Rover Pipeline and its inadvertent release of drilling mud in Ohio, the Coalition for the Expansion of Pipeline Infrastructure wanted to take the opportunity to educate the public on Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), the process used by Rover to install sections of pipe. HDD is a trenchless method of […]

May 9, 2017

Pipeline Expert Brigham McCown on Rover Drilling Fluid Releases

Brigham McCown is one of the country’s preeminent experts on infrastructure development. Formerly the head of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Mr. McCown is also the founder and CEO of the non-profit group Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure. Recently, Mr. McCown took to the airwaves on the Rover Pipeline, discussing the project with […]

May 5, 2017

API Study: Energy Infrastructure Investment Could Generate More Than $95 Billion To The Ohio’s GDP Through 2035

It’s no secret that investment in our nation’s energy infrastructure results in major economic growth. A recent study undertaken by the American Petroleum Institute in partnership with ICF illustrates the impacts of private infrastructure development, revealing some major insights into the industry’s capacity for job creation and economic opportunity. According to the study, private investment […]

April 27, 2017

Ohio Chamber & Carroll County Chamber Join in Support for Rover Pipeline

While the direct economic benefits of natural gas pipeline infrastructure – job creation, investment, and ultimately access to natural gas – are frequently discussed, one hears less about other positive impacts that extend well into local communities through which projects like the Rover Pipeline pass. Amy Rutledge, executive director of the Carroll County Chamber of […]

April 21, 2017

Rover Pipeline Has Trained 7,570 Personnel

Construction of the Rover Pipeline is progressing, and this increase in activity has already resulted in the creation of thousands of employment opportunities for hardworking men and women. As Natural Gas Intelligence noted, a recent FERC filing by Rover indicates that the project successfully completed tree felling and has moved into subsequent portions of construction: […]

April 17, 2017

Ohio Manufacturers Association and Ohio State Grange “Encourage Support for the Rover Pipeline”

While one might not expect manufacturers and farmers to share many commonalities, both energy-intensive industries rely on natural gas to fuel their operations. Bob White, president of the Ohio State Grange, and Ryan Augsburger, managing director of public policy services for the Ohio Manufacturers Association, recently joined together to underscore this fact in an opinion […]

April 14, 2017

Ohio Chemistry Technology Council Voices Support for Rover Pipeline

Jenn Klein, president of the Ohio Chemistry Technology Council (OCTC), recently penned an opinion editorial in The Daily Digger in which she underscores the impacts that the Rover Pipeline stands to generate for the chemical manufacturing industry in Ohio. A major pillar of the state’s economy, the members of the OCTC rely on access to […]

April 7, 2017

Increase in Natural Gas Use Offsets Coal, According to U.S. EIA

The U.S. continues to make strides in the development of its energy resources. That progress is reflected in the manner in which it uses those resources – as a recent U.S. Energy Information Agency report illustrates. Titled “U.S. energy consumption rose slightly in 2016 despite a significant decline in coal use,” the data indicates an […]

March 31, 2017

Lack of FERC Quorum Creates Industry Delays

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Chairman Norman Bay resigned in January. Since that time, FERC has lacked the quorum needed among five commissioners to approve much-needed interstate natural gas and electricity infrastructure projects. Oil & Gas 360 recently covered a Bloomberg Intelligence analyst briefing during which prospects at FERC were discussed by former FERC Commissioner […]

March 24, 2017

U.S. EIA: Natural Gas Use Contributed to 2015 Decline in Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions are an inevitable side-effect of energy production, given the ongoing reliance on fossil fuels in the U.S. However, as the manner in which that energy is produced changes, so too do the levels of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. Thanks to a diversification of our country’s energy resources – and particularly an increase […]